Join our campaign as we call on the public to be the warriors fighting against censorship and elimination of truth and information put forth by CCDH through their smear campaign against 12 of our more dedicated thought leaders.
The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) created a recent hit piece called the Disinformation Dozen” which has resulted in a full-on defamation attack of some of the most trusted authorities in the vaccine risk awareness movement.  Their position is that 65% of all vaccine “disinformation” comes from 12 people.  This has evolved into a smear campaign, picked up in news outlets all over the world.  This is not only tainting some of the strongest voices in the movement, but also allowing the opposition to believe that if they silence a few, they can silence us all.  We want to make sure that does not happen.

We’re leveraging the “label” they pinned on our 12 Truth Heroes and running with their language in the hope of replacing their content with our own, driving people to learn the TRUTH about these heroes and the TRUTH about vaccines.



Truth Week Social Campaign

The CCDH thinks there are only 12 people that are spreading information about vaccines. We need to remind them they are wrong. There are MILLIONS more than 12, and we are unafraid to continue to share our truths and our stories about vaccines.

​To participate in the #morethan12 campaign, post a picture of your face or family making the > (greater than) symbol and use the caption below or create your own along with the hashtags #morethan12 and #truthweek


MORE THAN 12.  Last week, the CCDH named some of our most dedicated thought leaders as the “Disinformation Dozen”. They stated that 65% of all vaccine information comes from 12 people in an effort to “counter hate.” Are they really countering hate? Because it seems like they’re just trying to hide the TRUTH.  I’m here to remind them that they are very wrong. There are many, many More Than 12 Truth-Tellers, and I am proud to be one of them. If they are going to try to silence the truth about vaccines, they’re going to have to have to try to silence more than 12 of us.

I stand for truth.
I stand for informed consent.
I stand for health choice.
I stand beside the #disinformationdozen.

Join us this week

#Truthweek #Morethan12


Truth Week Mission!

Download the flyer here and print out 100 copies. Get your friends and family together to share vaccine truths throughout town!

Your mission is to distribute these 100 flyers throughout your community, hang them on light posts, bathroom stalls, stick them on windshields or on shelves in Target. Share your strategy with us by posting pictures with the hashtag #truthweek & #MISSIONMONDAY

Once you’ve officially shared 100 flyers, you’re officially a member of the #TRUTHHERO team! Share this graphic as a badge of honor, #morethan12





Our thought leaders invest in developing films and documentaries to help early-learners dive into the subject of vaccines and to expand their knowledge. Grab your popcorn and tell us what documentary you’re watching tonight and where to find it so that we can educate others on where they can go to start learning the TRUTH about vaccines.

Share your movie night photos with the hashtag #docutuesday and #truthweek

Here are some suggestions for films: Many of which are available on YouTube!



ant to show your support for our heroes? Donate $12 in their honor to any of the organizations they raise funds for.

Here are some links to our “Disinformation Dozen” Organizations – Donate $12 in honor of the dozen to one or any of their charity organizations.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & CHD:

Ty & Charlene Bollinger: United Medical Freedom Super Pac – ​

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:

Rizza Islam:

Sayer Ji (Green Med Info):

Dr. Kelly Brogan: ​

Kevin Jenkins:

Dr. Mercola:  A percentage of the proceeds from his site go to support the following Partner Organizations that promote the freedom of choice in health and wellness –

Partner Organizations

  • National Vaccine Information Center
  • Food Democracy Now
  • Consumers for Dental Choice
  • ​Institute for Responsible Technology
  • Organic Consumers Association
  • Rabies Challenge Fund
  • American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation
  • Cornucopia Institute
  • Grassroots Health Nutrient Research Institute
  • Alliance for Natural Health


Thankful Thursday – We are so grateful for the truth warriors fearlessly sharing vaccine facts and content.

Share the social media accounts you trust the most for discovering your truths so other people can share them too.

Use this template or create your own, just help our truth heroes around the world grow their following!

Use #truthweek and #thankfulthursday to help share their accounts with the masses!



Alright guys –

The plan is in place – we’re going to fight for our freedom of speech by challenging the CCDH and it’s leadership team on Twitter. Here’s the plan:

​Click here to learn more.


During the congressional hearing with Big Tech on March 25th, Congressman Michael Doyle challenged the tech leaders, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai on the role their platforms played in the spread of vaccine disinformation. He referenced the CCDH study recently published and the notion of the 12 Disinformation Dozen individuals as a major source of false, anti-vaccine content. He pressed big tech to shut down all their accounts immediately, to which they responded in agreement of removing individuals that “go against their policies”.

There is a false perception that allowing people to learn about the science and opinions and research of others as it relates to vaccines is promoting disinformation. We’re hoping to help Rep. Doyle with learning some things that may allow him to reconsider the request and understand that it is vital to our personal health and wellbeing as American citizens, that we have informed consent and access to information regarding what we inject into our bodies and our children’s bodies.

We’re writing letters to Rep. Doyle this #senditsatruday and saying just that.

Please see the letter we have drafted below and print it and mail it, copy/paste it into an email, call and send it off. We cannot be silenced.

Rep. Michael Doyle
270 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515Phone: (202) 225-2135
Fax: (202) 225-3084

Representative Michael Doyle,

It is time to stop the hate and build bridges.

We are writing in reference to a report you cited in your 3/25 hearing with Big Tech. The report cited was from a group that entitled 12 Vaccine Information thought leaders as the root of 65% of all vaccine disinformation – the Dis-Information Dozen.

I’m writing to you to decry the actions of the Center for Countering Digital Hate as hypocrisy that spreads hate speech against the vaccine-injured, the unvaccinated, those that believe vaccine policy has caused harms unacknowledged by the medical community, and those that believe in medical freedom, the belief that the individual has sovereignty over his or her body.

We represent the millions of millions and millions of people throughout the world whose voices are silent and who are now demanding our rights. Despite the spread of hate speech, propaganda, censorship, and abuse of the public health function by governments, our numbers are increasing. We represent the voices of the unheard and the silenced.
Public health officials, pharmaceutical and Big Tech corporations, and groups like CCDH would like to silence us by saying our message is “disinformation,” but this is an ignorant and shallow treatment of our actual messages.

Is it disinformation to point out any of the following?

  • As of March 26th, the number of reports from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) related to the new COVID vaccine now number 50,861, with 7,726 (15%) serious events and 2,249 (4.4%) deaths.
  • Since the program’s inception, over 4 billion dollars have been paid out to vaccine-injured individuals and their families under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program[1].
  • Vaccine injuries are under-reported; less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS[2].
  • There is a tremendous “revolving door” between corporations and public health regulatory agencies, including the FDA and CDC[3].
  • We have an ever-expanding vaccine schedule that now has over 68 doses given from birth to the age of 18, with the assumed safety of increasing doses, and despite the medical evidence that over-vaccination increases the risk of autoimmune conditions[4].
  • The new COVID vaccines do not have a long-term safety record, and their indiscriminate use can present inappropriate cost-benefits for some individuals.
  • Thousands of vaccine injury stories from individuals and parents are discounted by public health authorities without investigation.

According to immunologist Dr. Hooman Noorchashm about the indiscriminate dangers of COVID vaccination[5] :
“Once a person is naturally infected by a virus (any virus), antigens from that virus persist in the body for very long after viral replication has stopped and clinical signs of infection have resolved. So, when a vaccine reactivates an immune response in such recently infected persons, the tissues harboring the persisting viral antigen are targeted, inflamed and damaged by the immune response.

To be clear, about 10-20% of Americans have already been infected with COVID-19 — either symptomatically or asymptomatically. That’s 1 to 2 out of every ten Americans already infected since Spring 2020.

It is my opinion, as a physician and immunologist, that such recently infected persons are at high risk of experiencing difficult side-effects or of being harmed by the vaccine immune response, when immunized.

Do both science and democracy work better when all the data and viewpoints are available on the table to be discussed, especially the voices of those with grievances? Because we do.

Do you believe that people should have full transparency, complete disclosure, and full sovereignty to decide whether they be subjected to a medical intervention? Because we do.

Do you believe the public has a right to know whether deaths and injuries post-receipt of the Covid vaccine (or any vaccine) are related to that vaccine instead of blanket systematic denial done without investigation? Because we do.

The Bible poignantly summarizes our mission: “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” We do what we do for our children. And we hope you will join us as well.
Public health decries the growing distrust in public health. It would like to blame us for this distrust and increased vaccine hesitancy, but it fails in the deeper soul examination. The paternalistic, authoritative public health response, lack of transparency, and conflicts of interests create distrust.

Public health officials fail to realize they are engaging in epistemic violence (refusal, intentional or unintentional, of an audience to communicatively reciprocate a linguistic exchange owing to pernicious ignorance). In doing so, the people’s grievances are unheard, and mistrust grows.

This action creates an unwinnable war as citizens have become the enemy. The time has come for something different.
We assert the following of public health and government officials:

  • We have full human autonomy and fundamental human dignity of our bodies, outside the state’s interference.
  • We maintain that medicine must provide full informed consent, entirely free from coercion, retaliation, and lies of omission.
  • Full transparency and independent regulatory oversight are needed to prevent this opportunism and to remove conflicts of interest.
  • We emphasize the need for freedom of speech, freedom of body, and the Constitution’s upholding during this and other future pandemics.
  • Recognition that the use of vaccine mandates is fundamentally unethical and violates the individual sovereignty upon which our nation was built.
  • The sovereignty of the patient-physician relationship, which allows physicians to express their thoughts freely, needs to be protected from government coercion.
  • Recognition of the role of environmental toxicity, its role on health, and a full safety investigation from any possible source (food, water, pesticides, chemicals, vaccination, EMF radiation, 5G, etc.)
  • Reform of the public health system to remove industry financial conflicts of interest, conflicts that create biased drug and vaccine policy.

The time has come to prioritize people first and reform and reorganize our public health agencies to remove the conflicts of interest and corporate interference from the public health function.

There are many ways the former could be accomplished, but it would necessitate a decentralization and depoliticization of public health agencies to divorce the funding of initiatives from their assessments. One important proposal to do this is Plan B[6].
The immortal Thomas Jefferson states the mission before us: “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when the government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”
We call on public health authorities, politicians, and regulator officials to work hand-in-hand with us in open dialogue. Together, we can create the public health function as it should be, genuinely serving the people.

A Concerned Constituent









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